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Our partner 3Fitt Group offers advice and products to protect both businesses and individuals:

Through Vitality we offer
- Life insurance for the purposes of protecting
1) Family interests
2) Outstanding debt or liabilities
3) Against the costs of later life care
4) Business profitability
5) Shareholder Loans
6) Key Man Cover

- Serious Illness Cover that has a severity based pay-out scale for 177 conditions. 4 Times the amount of conditions covered by any other Critical Illness plan.

- Income Protection, offered to employed and self employed individuals you can protect up to 65% of your income. We can even cover Armed Forces and other higher risk occupations.

- Private Health Insurance is similar to the business PMI cover but for individuals and their families.

We offer Fracture cover through Aviva to give cash pay-outs up to £6000 should you damage muscles, tendons or break a bone. We also include a best doctor second opinion service that will cover up to £2million in treatment costs if there is a more favourable outcome that disagrees with the NHS course of treatment.

We also offer a range of guaranteed acceptance plans via LV for harder to help clients that are unable to be accepted under normal underwriting terms.